Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered together some of our most commonly asked questions and we’ve answered them below as best we can. We hope they help with the one that's niggling you!

If you have a profile with Hairstee Pro, simply click on the ‘login’ button, then click on your profile picture and then ‘Edit your profile’. Change your details and the whole Hairstee Pro Community will be more up to date with the exciting changes in your life.

The instructions to activate your account will be sent to your email once you have submitted the registration form. If you did not receive this email, your email service provider’s software may be blocking it. Try checking your junk / spam folder first. If you still did not receive the email just contact us at [email protected]

I can’t see my business on the map!

Well that’s a bummer! The reason behind this is usually down to your profile being incomplete. For your profile to be active you must complete the following steps;

  1. Pop in all your contact details
  2. Input your account details – this is so you can get paid, super important!
  3. Let us know the services you are offering as well as your business hours
  4. If you want to offer services from your home – remember to do the identity check!

Now check the map again!

Hairstee is pretty simple to use but we do have some house rules. Always remember to:

  • Mark an appointment complete after every service as this activates your payment.
  • Cancel an appointment if you can’t make it.
  • Switch off your availability when occupied or when you are not ready for an appointment e.g. on your lunch break or having a day off. This can be done by selecting the “User Available” switch on the menu.

To cancel an appointment simply go to your list of appointments and there will be an option to cancel – simples!

No. Hairstee does not charge a joining or monthly subscription fee so it’s free to download and set up! If it’s free, it’s for me!

Although we would love Hairstee to be completely free – we do need to make some dollar so let’s talk business!  We use a transaction service called Swipe for all Hairstee transactions and we take a tiny 10% of appointments booked through Hairstee. Take this as an example: You advertise a cut and colour on your profile for £80. The customer books and see’s the price as £80.53. This 53p is automatically applied to each service as a ‘booking fee’ and goes directly to Swipe. £80 remains. We take £8 (you know 10% of the service) but £72 goes straight into your account!

When a client books a service through the app they pay for the service up front, so you will receive payment on confirmation of their booking. Ca-Ching!

Yes, it is simple and free to cancel your subscription at any point.

Nope!  There is no fee to cancel. Simply log out of your account and uninstall the app from your desktop or mobile device. Your business will no longer be seen on the map. Please note Hairstee may still hold your details even if you unsubscribe.

I am receiving too many emails

Hairstee don’t want to bombard you with silly emails, we will only let you know if there are any updates or offers you should be aware of and so it’s pretty important stuff! If you still feel like you do not want to receive these you can just click the link on the bottom of any email to unsubscribe… but please don’t go!

I already have a booking system, I don’t need Hairstee

Hairstee is not intended to replace your booking or management system. Hairstee allows you to offer the services you want to offer, at a time and place that suits you. We can also offer multiple accounts under the same business so each hair stylist can have their own profile offering their own specialist service. Hairstee allows you to access clients in your area who may not have heard of your business before, so sign up now.

Sure! Upload your best work to your Hairstee profile and let clients see those talents and skills. We’ve done our research and the more extensive your portfolio is the more likely clients are to book with you. Feel free to share links to your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram on there too.

I can’t find the answer to my question!

We’re really sorry we haven’t been able to help. Please feel free to contact us directly on [email protected]. Drop us an email and let us know as much detail as possible (then we won’t need to email back and forth – ain’t nobody got time for that!) We endeavor to reply ASAP but please give us up to 24 hours for us to deal with your request.

Hairstee Pro is the leading online booking platform for hairdressers, salon owners, makeup artist and nail artist in the UK. Headquartered in London, the group was founded by Yemi Busari. We believe there is no better way to find and book your hairdressing, salon, makeup and nail services. Hairstee provides you with more choice and offers you the confidence to try new things. Whether you want to book a hair appointment, spa treatment or wellness, Hairstee is simple, effortless and fast, not to mention it’s a 24 hour service. It’s beauty to the people, no matter what you choose.

Hairstee amounts to one amazing company: a 24/7 beauty bookings platform that puts customers and salon managers in control, lets you book at times and prices that suit you, and gives you all the style know-how you need to look and feel amazing. We’re more than a smarter booking platform – we are the platform where you can express yourself, every day.

What we’re not:

  • We don’t own salons or spas.
  • We don’t manufacture cosmetics.
  • We are people who are passionate about hair and beauty!

The app is available to download on your desktop, laptop and mobile device. It is available on both Apple and Android. To download just follow these links

Hairstee gives salon owners and stylists access to their own online diary system so they can independently control their calendar and on-site availability. We teach them to use the software, to synchronize it with their own digital diary (if they opt not to use it as their main management system) and to keep their appointment information up to date. This includes training on blocking out time slots that have been filled, as well as time periods when the venue may be closed.

As a result, all appointments showing on both our site and app should be bookable. If you do encounter inaccurate availability listed on site, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will get in touch with the venue to correct matters as soon as possible.

Check out our website on Alternatively drop us an email to [email protected] and will get you an answer to any more specific questions you have – so fire away!

We send out the confirmation email as soon as you have completed your order, honest!

They do vanish sometimes into the world-wide-black-hole– we suspect it lands up in the same place as all those missing socks! If you don’t seem to have your email, please check your junk mail folder first. If you do find it there, please label it as ‘Not junk’ and add the address to your accepted emails list – that should stop it happening next time.

If it is still not there, just follow the instructions below for a quick and simple solution!

Email [email protected] with the following information;

  • The email address used to complete your purchase
  • The date and time of your booking
  • Details of your purchase (salon name, treatment booked, & price)

We’ll then resend your confirmation email and you’ll be able to enjoy some well-deserved pampering!

Hairstee Community

Help, I can’t log in!

It’s so annoying when you can’t find the scrap of paper where you scribbled down that crucial password. Firstly, you need to be sure you have a profile on Hairstee Pro. Often people start a brilliant profile on Hairstee or sign up to our newsletters but don’t create a profile. If this might be you, just double check! You can register to sign up and get started.

If you do have a profile on Hairstee Pro, simply click ‘Forgot your password?’ link and we’ll send you a password reset link. Still having problems? Email us and we’ll be glad to help you out.