If you haven’t heard of them yet, grab a chair and take a minute to read and enjoy our interview with CEO of fresh out of the box eco-beauty brand: WE ARE PARADOXX. I have personally had the pleasure of meeting Yolanda and have known her for a few years – and let me just add that if dictionaries had images, Yolanda would be under Success. The brand doesn’t just represent what best in the world, but WE ARE PARADOXX are a prime example of what makes a great idea, a fantastic team and an amazing product!

Enjoy, Fabs


How are you feeling about your brand and how do you feel it reflects you as a founder?

I’m feeling really proud of WE ARE PARADOXX. I feel that it encompasses everything I am – and hope to be – as a founder. I care passionately about environmental and social issues and really wanted to create a brand that stood for this. Our 90% plastic-free packaging and toxin-free formulations significantly reduce our impact on the environment. In addition to this all of our employees have an extra week of annual leave to volunteer with local charities. I also have reached a stage where I refuse to compromise on the quality of cosmetics and skincare I use, and I couldn’t find anything for hair that matched the high performance, high quality products that I chose for my skin – so I made them myself! I feel that WE ARE PARADOXX means no one has to compromise. You can achieve powerful results, have great hair, and support our environment all at the same time.

For the hairdressers out there, why would you recommend you product? And why would you recommend it as a take home product?

WE ARE PARADOXX works for all hair types so I would definitely recommend to hairdressers and for everyone to use at home! Our sulphate-free Super Natural Shampoo is colour-safe and won’t strip essential natural oils from the hair so it is great for hairdressers to use on clients. All the products are multi-tasking and carry the same essential-oil based fragrance so they work perfectly together and can be used in whatever way works for the individual.

Your packaging and products are all planet and human friendly. What ingredients and materials did you choose and why?

We chose to be as plastic-free as possible because plastics are having such a seriously detrimental effect on our environment. After a lot of research, we chose to use aluminium components for our packaging as, not only are they more eco-friendly in terms of manufacturing and transportation, but they can also be recycled on an infinite loop. This means that no matter how many times they are recycled and remodelled, they will never lose their structure and therefore one bottle can be made into the same bottle again and again, indefinitely. In terms of ingredients, we have sourced sustainably and locally sourced where possible, incorporating powerful Irish extracts into each of our haircare products. These include kelp seaweed, carrageen moss, white nettle, hops and even Irish whiskey! Not only are these extracts great for your hair, but they are also available in sustainable volumes, right on our doorstep.

When you were developing your products, what were the key points for you?

Creating products that genuinely work, that can be used with no rules, that are all multi-tasking, that look good, smell good, and are good for the environment.

We can see your products are definitely creating a buzz, what is the feedback you have been getting?

Literally every person who gives us feedback absolutely loves the collection! We are getting incredible feedback on our Super Natural Shampoo, Secret Weapon Condition, Hangover Hair Elixir and Climax Volume Tonic in particular. Everyone loves the performance of the products but also the message, the eco-friendly mission we are on, the Irish twist to each of the collection. It’s been great!

It’s an exciting time! But being a business woman at heart, I have to ask- are you already looking ahead to new products or do you feel your line is complete for now?

My mind is always full of new ideas, WE ARE PARADOXX will never sit still – we will continue to innovate, inspire, develop as a brand and add to our collection. I can’t tell you anything just yet but watch this space during 2019 – it’s going to be huge!

Lastly, what would you advise anyone starting their own beauty business. Any tips?

Be prepared to put in the hours, stay positive, commit yourself to your idea and trust that you know what you’re talking about. You might face rejection after rejection, but if you believe in what you are doing, eventually the right person will say yes and you’ll be on your way!