Not sure how to skip hair washing after the gym? Look no further!

Let’s be honest we’ve all skipped a workout just to keep our hair looking fresher for a little longer. Trying to juggle your gym schedule and hair washing routine is enough

to give you nightmares! You want to go to the gym but you have plans with friends, have to go to the office or just can’t bear the thought of washing your hair! We get it.

Well fear no more – here are some of our top tips to get beautiful post workout hair!

1. Grab a headband!

Not the most attractive we know, but a headband is a great way to absorb sweat during a workout. Go for a thick headband instead of a thin one to avoid those terrible indents! After you work out just remove the headband, comb through your hair and your good to go!

2. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo, a girl’s best friend! Contrary to popular belief applying dry shampoo BEFORE a workout is actually the way forward. Before you work out section the hair and apply dry shampoo to the roots. This will absorb the sweat that occurs during the workout, which should keep your hair fresher for longer! Another benefit of dry shampoo is that you won’t have to wash your hair every day, allowing your hair to produce its natural oils and prevent dryness and itchy scalp, result!

3. Braids

This requires a little planning but braiding your hair before the gym means you can keep this hairstyle post workout. Or use the humidity at the gym to your advantage – removing the braids after your workout should give you effortless waves when you take your hair out.

4. Embrace the sleek look

If you really didn’t plan ahead or forgot your dry shampoo you can always embrace the grit! You have two options here. Using a paddle brush you can pull your hair into a high pony and secure with an elastic. Wrap around a section of hair to hide the elastic for a sophisticated look. The second option is to middle part the hair and brush into a low pony or bun. Apply some hair oil to the ends of the hair and spritz with a little hairspray to finish off the look.

5. The Express Blowout

If you do wash your hair at the gym but have somewhere to be after you can master the 2 minute blowout! Use a volume shampoo and conditioner to give you volume at the roots. Towel dry your hair and apply a blow dry balm to your hair – this can cut drying time by 50%! Tilt your hair upside down and blast at the roots. You can then leave the ends as they are or apply a texturizing spray to the ends for texture and volume! Et voila!

6. Wear a hat

If all else fails you can pop on your favourite hat post workout. There are so many choices depending on your outfit. Go cosy and casual with a beanie, stay sporty with a cap or dress up with a fedora and some chucky jewellery.
There are plenty of ways to manage your hair after a sweaty workout so no more excuses to skip the gym. It’s all about what works best for you. If you work out and have some great haircare tips we’d love to hear them in the comments below.