Five hair tricks for every Londoner

“I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair” said Evel Knievel. Sure thing, who doesn’t?  Yet, how often we, as Londoners, have to deal with the humid weather and still are obliged to turn up to work in perfect condition? How annoying. Well, we put together few tricks to save you some time and money and to make sure your looks are fabulous!

Discover the term : mobile beauty

Mobile beauty is the new black. Although it seemingly has a reputation of being somewhat off limits for many, a luxury, hold your breath because it is not! Sure, celebrities have their own mobile beauty therapists and hairdressers following them everywhere but, rest assured, London has many freelance hairdressers that fit all the budgets. In fact, it turns out, it can be actually cheaper these days to treat yourself to the luxury, as the professionals don’t have to bear the costs of “renting” a seat in a salon, and therefore can cut you a deal. Check out the wonderful freelancers on our app and see for yourself!

Dry shampoo

Do you really have time everyday or every other day to wash, dry and style your hair?
Dry shampoo is your new best friend and it is so easy to get along with. Few sprays and your hair looks as if you just washed it, effortlessly. Not only does it save you from the greasy look, but its ingredients also make it very easy to style, and tousle as you like.


Accessories are such a fun way to play with your hairstyle! This season, headbands and hats are in fashion to make you look trendy and hot! Dare to dare more?
At the latest fashion shows, we saw models wearing belts in a low ponytail that look fab! Or gold crowns, starburst-shaped pins placed just above the ear, headband covered with spikes. Oh, even overhead headphones can help out in times of trouble, managing the wilderness.


Who doesn’t love a braid? We personally love them. Whether you want to go full on and pull off a great look for weeks,, or simply do a French braid for the day, braids are ever in style and you can’t go wrong with them.

Go Permanent

Get The London Look says Rimmel Cosmetics… which is? You wonder. Well, if you do know what’s your favourite style, how about putting a ring on it? Perms are the most extreme yet rewarding way to forget messy bed hair. The only choice you have to make is,  permanent wavy perfection or spaghetti-like silkyness?