Thank YOU


If you are reading this – thank you! Thank you for taking the time but also, thank you for sharing in this journey with us. It’s been an incredible year so far. We as a team have pulled our socks up, put our thinking caps on and have put in endless hours of hard work and dedication. What’s all this for? Just to make everyone’s life a little easier – ironic eh?

But what we would really like to say is that here at Hairstee – we aren’t like your regular tech company. The real deal is none of us are alike and we don’t have the same interests, but we all found something in common – and that is you. Yes you! The hairdresser and the client. The guy who sits for 3 hours at the barbers waiting for a 5 minute trim, the mother or 3 that can’t remember the last time she got a head massage and a haircut. We all have this in common – we hate waiting, we like getting our money’s worth, but most importantly, we like exploring and trying new things (like new hairdressers and beauty salons, because why not?!)

We are somewhat jealous, we would love to be on the other side of this screen and enjoy the ride but its pretty cool on this side too. We wanted to build an app that we  ourselves would use – thus Hairstee was born. I mean, Hairstee is still a baby, but she has crawled, her teeth are out and she’s started to talk.

Hairstee isn’t corporate, it’s not a global leader, it’s nothing but what it is. And that is why we have decided that our blog section be more of a diary. So we can keep our human side and let you guys know what we are up to in the midst of all of this madness!

We hope you enjoy being part of our little, easy life community, that you enjoy our fresh off the boat web app,  and remember – we are always here to help!

Stay snazzy!

Much love

The Hairstee Team